Evan Watson headshotEvan McGowan-Watson is one of three co-founders of BrandYourself.com, the first “Do It Yourself” platform that makes it simple for anyone to take control of their own search results.

Originally from Vermont, Evan attended Syracuse University, where he double majored in Entrepreneurship and Writing.  During his years at Syracuse, Evan began fostering his passion for small business by working as an Executive Assistant in the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship.  Here he began to explore and develop his knowledge of consulting, market research, and business development – skillsets which would prove to be extremely valuable as BrandYourself began to take off.

Working alongside college friends Pete Kistler and Patrick Ambron, Evan and crew committed themselves to developing a platform which could truly make an impact in our modern world.  These ambitious college students set out to provide the internet masses a means of creating and controlling their online reputation.

BrandYourself hit the ground running.  In 2011, BrandYourself was named New York’s #1 Emerging Technology Business, the youngest team to ever win the $200K prize.  BrandYourself was also recognized by the White House as one of the Empact 100 Top Companies with founders under 30, and by Inc Magazine as one of the top 35 companies under 35.

Having grown to over 300,000 active users, and securing nearly $5 million in venture capital, BrandYourself has received a significant amount of publicity.  The company has been featured by the Huffington Post, Fox News, Mashable, US News & World, ABC, and NPR just to name a few.

Experiencing the rapid growth of BrandYourself has allowed Evan to assume many roles at BrandYourself.  Originally the head of the BrandYourself Concierge Program, Evan has now transitioned to Business Development and Sales where he tirelessly strives to grow the company.

In the end, Evan is passionate about connecting people with products and experiences that can truly make their lives better. Marketing and customer acquisition is not about the numbers, but rather the psychology behind earning the users interest, and developing a deeper connection with your company and product.  Once that connection is made, you have done your job as a marketer.  Since starting BrandYourself with Pete and Patrick, Evan has helped make that connection with over 300 thousand users – and climbing.

About BrandYourself

Meet Evan’s BrandYourself Team! Our team includes our in-house Reputation Advisors, Reputation Specialists, Marketing Team, and Operations Team! You can learn more about BrandYourself on our team page! We have a number of investors and frends who have helped our company grow during the last few years. You can learn more about Barney Pell, Carl Schramm, John Galanti, Chuck Clarvit, Ryan Holmes, and Larry Scheinfeld on our team page!