Evan McGowan-Watson

Co-Founder & Head of Growth



Meet Evan



Hi, thanks for visiting my website. I’m Evan, Head of Growth and one of the original co-founders of BrandYourself.com. Patrick Ambron, Pete Kistler and I built this company for one main reason: to make sure that when a name gets googled, only the most relevant information appears. It all started when Pete had trouble securing an internship while we were in college; it turns out there was another Pete Kistler who was listed as a criminal in Google searches. He tried going to traditional reputation companies for help, but all they offered were opaque processes at a price tag of over $25k. At BrandYourself, we have built a company that empowers its clients to take control of their online reputations at an affordable price.


About Evan


I live in New York City, but was cultivated in Vermont and my passions tend to represent those two very different sides of the spectrum. I love connecting with other makers, creators and entrepreneurs. My work at BrandYourself thoroughly represents the New York side of me; I work relentlessly towards our growth and scaling our operations quickly, but elegantly.  The Vermont roots are still strong; I love kiteboarding, snowboarding, woodworking, metalsmithing, and home brewing. If you’re into any of those things, I would love to connect. If you’re not, I bet you’re still interesting and would probably still love to connect. (probably)

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Since 2011, we’ve put together a diverse and talented team, been featured on national television as well as other media, raised a series A round, won a few awards, and built a platform that gives people the ability to put their best foot forward online.

 Our Team


To provide our clients with all the resources they need for success, we’ve assembled an all-star team of in-house Reputation Advisors, Marketing Specialists, and Operations managers. We’d love for you to get to know us.